Plauen, Germany

February 21, 2024

On February 21, 2024, the Tolerance Poster Show opened at the Deutsche Bahn train station in Plauen, Germany. This show will be displayed for at least one year, and they will change some of the posters approximately every 2-3 months to refresh the show. This is the second show we have had in this train station.

Deutsche Bahn is known for supporting cultural events and democratic ideas by giving them the reception hall of the train station for events.

This show and the past two shows in Plauen were all made possible by the relentless effort of Ralf Fischer, the managing director of SDP Sachsendruck GmbH. He is part of Colorido e.V., a group committed to promoting a democratic society in Plauen and the Vogtland district. They achieve this through lectures, exhibitions, political education in schools, and public relations measures to convey humanistic and democratic values.