Plauen, Germany

June 17, 2022

On June 17th the Tolerance Poster Show appeared in the city of Plauen, Germany and accompanies public life there from different positions.

Starting at the entrance hall of Plauen Central Station, the show is displayed on windows, walls and exposed 3-pod-pillars in the pedestrian zone, in two big shopping malls, on a site fence right in front of the town hall, it is even driving with the railcars of the tram and it is last not least arranged in a gallery of contemporary arts.

Plauen is a mid-size town just celebrating its 900th anniversary of its rich and varied history of which one event is significant: In 1989, Plauen had the first mass demonstration that could not be dissolved by the state forces and thus marked the beginning of a peaceful revolution ending up in the fall of Berlin Wall and the reunion of Germany. Today the Tolerance Show sets an important sign for humanity and togetherness in times of political crises and intensified polemics.

The show is organized and curated by Markus Schneider (Galerie Forum K) and Ralf Fischer (SDP Sachsendruck).