flag posters hanging outside in Tusla

Tolerance Project

A Traveling Poster Show

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Starting a conversation about inclusion, can only begin with a foundation of tolerance.

In a world increasingly split by social injustice and racial disparity the Tolerance Project utilizes the unique power of design to remind us what we all have in common. The Tolerance Project is a traveling poster show initiative, a bold enterprise founded and curated by artist-activist Mirko Ilic. The project is dedicated to reaching people who don’t ordinarily visit galleries or museums.

The show features posters by prominent artists from around the world whose only direction is to illustrate the word “tolerance” in their native language.

Tolerance Poster Shows

The Tolerance Project has organized poster shows across the world.

In response to the current crisis the Tolerance Project plans to showcase the posters outdoors in public spaces - wide open plazas, universities, and city streets.

We are always looking for outdoor spaces, available public buildings or other options. Any suggestions or opportunities to use public space for a Tolerance Project show are welcome.