Civitanova Marche, Italy

April 29, 2024

On April 29th, the Tolerance Poster Show opened in Civitanova Marche, a seaside city in Italy, from April 29th to May 3rd. The posters were shown through the center of Civitanova Marche, beginning in Lido Cluana Gardens and going up through Varco Sul Mare.

The Tolerance Poster Show was a part of Civitanova Marche May Day Festival celebration. At the celebration, among others, the mayor Fabrizio Ciarapica was present, as well as the deputy mayor Claudio Morresi, the vice-president of the city council Giorgio Pollastrelli, the city councilors Paola Campetelli, Paola Fontana, Piero Gismondi, together with the representatives of the Carabinieri, State Police, Guardia di Finanza, Captaincy of Port, Civil Protection.

The ceremony happened in different locations throughout the city, with the final destination being the Cartacanta Festival exhibition of Tolerance Posters. This exhibition was created in collaboration with the Municipality of Civitanova, the MAGMA Museum and the Buon Vento Association.

This show was made possible through the relentless effort of Enrico Lattanzi, the director of MAGMA – Museo Archivio della Grafica e del Manifesto. 

Photos by Luigi Gasparroni.