Salt Lake City, USA

January 23, 2019

On January 23rd the Tolerance Poster Show was open in Salt Lake City, Utah. It happened simultaneously in a few different locations and there is more to come. The show appeared on the streets and appeared in a local park that currently is under construction. Salt Lake County Art and Culture Center is debuting posters and showcasing them on a screen at Salt Lake Film Society, in the main theater. This theater will also be hosting The Sundance Film Festival, where all visitors will have a chance to see Tolerance posters. At the same time, the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center were displaying the posters in their lobby.

The show is also featured in the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (UMFA) ACME Lab. Due to limited space, not all posters were possible to be displayed in the gallery. But all posters were displayed on computer screens.

Few posters are also displayed in The Salt Lake City Public Library as well as other libraries around the city. Here all posters are also projected on the walls of the library. Some posters were even glued onto a truck travelling around the city where people could silkscreen posters by Josh Scheuerman, a Utah based artist and activist. This was organized by The Blocks, Salt Lake's Cultural Core.

All this made possible in the first place by the relentless efforts of Dallas Graham from The Red Fred Project.