posters at night

Timisoara, Romania

November 16, 2020
posters at night

I am very proud to announce that we just had the 100th show of Tolerance Poster Show.

The show opened in Timișoara, on November 16th as part of the celebration for the International Day of Tolerance. This show was made possible by the relentless effort by Ovidiu Hrin in coordination with TypopassageTM, to whom we are very grateful.

In response to the Tolerance Poster Show in Timisoara, Romania, members of the Orthodox Nationalist Populist party complained via social media, that the work was "corrupting our values”.

In particular, two posters were singled out, the works of Israeli artist David Tartakover and Romanian designer Benedek Levente. A day later, these two posters “went missing” from the exhibition. The next day, US designer Jennifer Morla's poster also “went missing”. The pattern and motive are more than obvious. The organizers of the show responded to it immediately, and the stolen posters are reprinted and replaced.