Konstantinovka, Ukraine

August 25, 2018

On August 25th, a Tolerance Show opened at the Konstantinovka industrial zone in Ukraine. This exhibition was part of TheMostFest|2.0, a multi-disciplinary event that also featured workshops, dance performances, and live music.

The venue was a formerly abandoned hanger, which has recently been activated as a space for cultural and social events as part of Metacity: East, a project by young Ukrainian architects, thinkers, and activists who seek to draw attention to abandoned industrial spaces via urban art interventions.

The festivals attracted between two and three thousand people. The posters were hung in five large squares on the side walls of the hangar, in addition to two posters on either side of the entrance. Unfortunately, because these exhibitions are largely installed by volunteers, a couple of the posters were hung-upside down or were printed larger than the boundaries of the page. However, this is just a consequence of grassroots organizing.

If you pay attention—this is especially visible on the black wall—you can see that the Tolerance posters were used to cover up graffiti of neo-Nazi logos and symbols that had been previously painted on the walls of the hangar.

Special thank you to organizer Rajko Božić for his generosity, effort, and for connecting us to organizers who included us in this spectacular event.