Posters on a fence

Zagreb, Croatia

November 16, 2020
posters on a fence

On November 16th, the International Day of Tolerance, the Tolerance Poster Show was displayed in the center of Zagreb on the fence of the Botanical Garden.

Unfortunately, only 24 hours later, the show was "attacked" by Neo-Nazis graffitis. On the posters, they wrote "NDH", which is the abbreviation for Nezavisna Država Hrvatska (Independent State of Croatia) a Second World War puppet state of Nazi Germany. On others, they graffitied the letter "U" which is the symbol for Ustaša the Second World War Croatian fascist organization. And they even wrote "Smrt Srbozločincima" (Death to the Serbian criminals). Luckily, the organizers of the show figured out how to remove this hate speech and the symbols.

Outrage over this vandalism, was expressed through all news media in Croatia.

This show was made possible with the efforts of the school of Škola primijenjene umjetnosti i dizajna/ Izložbeni salon Izidor Kršnjavi (School of Applied Art and Design), Botanical Garden (Botanički vrt PMF-a), and Organizam to whom we are very grateful.