Sanremo, Italy

May 30, 2023

On May 30th, 2023, the Tolerance Poster Show took place in Sanremo, Italy as a part of the "TOLERANCE IS NOT ENOUGH" project in Sanremo. The main part of the exhibition was on display in our Civic Museum. During the weekend the posters were displayed in the public space outside of the museum. Commercial shops joined the project by putting some of the posters on display. As part of this event, students created a series of 9 posters. These posters were displayed together with the works from the Tolerance Project.

Additional activities included a workshop dedicated to kids (6-10 years), that was held by Elisa Sarubbi, a creative art therapist at the artistic atelier Tana LentaMente. The second workshop, “ATELIER SOSPESO”, led by a group of art therapists and artists, was an open studio focused on art therapy. There was also a theater workshop held by Marta Depetris, part of the collective PUNTI.mobili, and open to people 13 years old and up.

Two talks, "Graphic and communication as ways of social inclusion" and "Designing inclusive installations" were held by Sanremo's Accademia of Fine Arts professors Francesca Sampietro and Sofia Tonegutti.

The project was organized by the collective PUNTI.mobili in collaboration with Associazione Pigna Mon Amour, Sanremo's Accademia of Fine Arts, and Amoretti Art School (Imperia), with the support of the municipality of Sanremo.