Novi Sad, Serbia

December 10, 2022

On December 10th, a small Tolerance Poster Show opened in the hall of the Railway Station in Novi Sad, celebrating Human Rights Day. The show comprises 28 posters and will be on display until January 10th, 2023.

“The importance of this exhibition is reflected in the fact that world-renowned authors made an artistic contribution to the reflections on an ever-current topic in an original and creative way”, said Dalibor Rožić, Novi Sad City Council member. He added, “once again, the message is spreading that all people have equal rights and that no one should be discriminated against on any basis.”

The show was also attended by Tomislav Žigmanov, Minister for Human and Minority Rights and Social Dialogue, and Stefan Gajić, designer of one of the posters. The show was made possible by Robert Coban and Color Press Group.

The show was made possible by Robert Coban and Cilor Press Group.