Columbus, USA

November 17, 2022

On November 17th, the 150th Tolerance Poster show was unveiled at the Columbus College of Art & Design. The posters are displayed within the Loann Crane Center for Design, the Canzani Atrium Lobby, and the Beeler Gallery. Coinciding with the poster show, Professor Matthew Mohr produced a series of one-off T-shirts containing the Tolerance imagery to be worn by select students at the opening event. Exhibition design by Faculty Director of Galleries, Tim Rietenbach. The posters will be on display in these spaces until February 24th, 2023.

We give our thanks to the Beeler Gallery staff, Jonathan Riles, Abbie Ridpath, Addie Kalmbach, Jess Schwarz, Rose Mary Weigand, Lisa Richo, Kaye Sanders and our team of Preparators, Zane Miller, Karen Tharp and Eric Vachereese. Special thanks to Pressworks for their assistance with printing the posters.

This show was made possible by the relentless effort of Tim Rietenbach.